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About Us

We Make Lead Generation Smarter

We’ve felt the pain and frustration of outbound sales efforts that cost significant time and money, and at the end of the day produce little tangible progress. Instead, Mozaic helps you start identifying leads from the start and only gets more intelligent the more you use it.

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Love Data

Mozaic emerged from the simple statement “there has to be a better way to do this” that was inevitably uttered every time lead generation and prospecting came up.

Bringing together a unique blend of experience in sales, marketing, big data, cloud architecture, and machine learning – our team proposed a solution that we believe is that better way. Starting in the spring of 2018, we began bringing that vision into reality, building out the first version of our software at Wheelhouse DMG. Quite a few releases later, Mozaic has matured into a standalone product that aims to improve the experience of sales and marketing teams across the world.


Meet The Team



Aaron’s more than two decades of marketing experience has been defined by an early realization: that conventional, mercenary business as usual brings little joy or fulfillment. Instead, Aaron has spent over two decades cultivating and experimenting with an unconventional set of values focused on helpfulness and generosity.


Data & Technology

Aditya Sastry is a Sillicon Valley native and math lover who has built data driven and machine learning enabled software in the fields of quantitative finance, marketing analytics, and market intelligence – and is constantly looking for ways to blend and grow his expertise.


Engineering & DevOps

Dallas loves solving the hardest problems he can find, which makes him the perfect person to build and manage Mozaic’s massively parallel petabyte scale data infrastructure. An accomplished cloud architect and DevOps engineer, Dallas makes sure everything works just right.

Find the Best Leads

Let’s work together to make your sales and marketing teams more efficient through Mozaic’s patent pending technology