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Find and Close the Best Leads for You

Machine learning and advanced data science to help you know more about your customers and prospects than you ever knew was possible. Using our proprietary discovery engine and lead analysis platform, increase both your conversion rate and market penetration.


How We Help

Automated Prospect Discovery

Our Massively Scalable Discovery Engine (MSDE) is constantly identifying new potential leads for your business

Deep Company Profiles

Go way beyond name, address, and phone number – leverage data that no one else has to identify the leads that really matter

Ideal Customer Prediction

Cut through the clutter by letting our AI-driven models identify the prospects that look like they could be your best customers


Take the Guesswork Out of Sales

At Mozaic, our mission is simple: take the guesswork out of sales. With the abundance of data available today, our companies unique expertise and software, and your desire to improve your sales performance, we believe Mozaic fulfills this goal.

We understand that very business has unique needs when it comes to what they look for in an ideal customer. Instead of providing the same list of companies with the same standard fields, forcing you to spend hours sorting and hunting through data, Mozaic uses proprietary technology that does the heavy lifting for you. It collects specific details about prospects, analyzes their fit against your best customers, and delivers them to you in the lowest friction way.






Automated Prospect Discovery


Our patent pending Massively Scalable Discovery Engine (MSDE) captures everything, from every web page for every prospect in the identified universe


Structure knowable factors about your prospect universe in a portable, redundant, scalable, and secure warehouse


Continuously identify and ingest obvious & non-obvious data sources to enrich deep profiles for the prospect univers


Deep Company Profiles

1. Your Business

Our first step is to understand everything we can about your business needs and objectives

2. Your Customers

Next, we learn everything you know about your customers and prospects

3. Our Data

Through detailed research we seek to discover what you don’t know about your customers

4. Our Expertise

Our experts identify obvious and non-obvious attributes about your prospects


Ideal Customer Prediction

As you use Mozaic, it continually learns what factors make a prospect a good fit for your business so that it can deliver increasingly high quality leads directly to your sales team. You can improve it’s abilities by connecting to your CRM or directly loading in data, training Mozaic on existing customers and historical lead activity.

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